The 2009 IronMan Shootout Drag Race


3 Days of 1:24 Bracket Racing in Mineola, Texas

Entrants by Class

On March 27th, 28th and 29th, the Yellow Jacket Raceway in Mineola Texas held the largest slot car race held in Texas so far this year. This 3 day event is one of the major scholarship fund raising events hosted by the Yellow Jacket Raceway. As far as its known, this track is the only one located in a High School anywhere. Friday evening started out being a practice (test & tune) event, but soon turned into a "Quick 5" bracket night. With 48 entries, the racing went quickly. The night's big winner of the 50/50 split went to Track promoter's better half, Kari Jo Callison. She really showed the boys how its done on her way to a big win Friday evening!

The raceway quickly filled Saturday morning. Opening at 7 a.m., the pits were packed by the 9 a.m. "Class Event" starting time. Class action was in 5 events; all Yellow Jacket weekly classes. Pro-Mod, 1.000 dragster, 1.100 F/C, Competition Eliminator, FX-Pro Stock, Altered and last but not least, the Truck class. All classes were filled with great race action as drivers battled for cash prizes, as well as custom plaques for all class winners. These class events ended just as the Yellow Jacket Ironman Concourse began.

With over 75 cars and trucks entered in the concourse, judging was difficult for the 4 choices - which had to be made by judges ranging from Mineola High School students and teachers, to local business persons and even a local newspaper reporter. The large crowd on hand numbered near 100 during Saturday's action; all watched closely as the following show pieces were carefully picked. The winner of "Best-of-Show" and "Administrators Choice" was the "Time-Bomb Funny Car" owned by Denver Colorado racer Tim Warner. "Business Persons Choice" was given to a Sweet S-10 Pro-Stock truck owned by Bullard ,Texas racer Rick Sanchez. High School Art Teacher, Kari Callison chose Jeff Johnson's Late Model Mustang due to it's clean red, white and blue color scheme. Last and certainly not least was the smoothest "Skull" Super Comp. Roadster. All 4 of these racers were presented with custom plaques for their effort in building these smooth rides.

The IRONMAN SHOOTOUT kicked off with the passing out of "Goodie" bags and event box plaques. With over 100 door prizes for those entered in the event. It took both Saturday and Sunday to completely give away prizes donated by Eagle distributing, Parts Plus, Local drag parts dealer, Mike Cothran, rick Sanchez of Tidmore Auto Parts, and of course Yellow Jacket Raceway.

The total number of bracket entry's was 394. This number exceeded the 324 that was the record for this raceway. Racers knew that Saturdays stopping time of 1am would only get them through the 1st and buyback rounds and part way through the 2nd round of eliminations. Racers entertained themselves as always by buying, selling and trading cars and parts of all types. they were also treated to being able to drive oval dirt type cars on Yellow Jacket's IRONMAN DIRT OVAL. (can be seen on youtube.com) This unique oval has 6 lanes which allow you to bump draft, sideswipe and set up your opponent in each lane, each lap. It was a treat to watch race after race being ran during the 2 day event. By-weekly races are held on the wood oval that is painted to look just a Southern Stock Car Raceway.

Special first time "Perfect Run" award was given to Local High School Freshman Jesse "James" Collier. It is custom for Promoter's of Yellow Jacket to present a custom plaque with the "perfect Run" dial sheet laminated into its front. These plaques are to award racers for the first time they get an almost impossible run into their slot drag racing career.

Sunday morning, eliminations kicked off at 9am. With over 324 entry's after buyback's, it would be a full day of side by side action. High School Jr, Jessica Stein and local "Miss Mineola" winner would have her job cut out for her as race announcer. Jessica did a great job all weekend making sure all the racers were moved through the rounds smoothly.

At approximately 3;45 pm four racers were left to do battle for the $1,800.00 purse. With $700.00 going to the winner, nerves were on edge after almost 2 days of constant action. Racer's Ron Sills, Rick Sanchez, Tim Warner, and Middle School Student Zach Hurst were ready to finish off the biggest payout race in Texas.

First up were Tim Warner and Rick Sanchez. Tim advanced to the final by running a 1.017 on a 1.010. Big Ron Sills and Zach Hurst, both approx. 2 year veterans to any type of slot car racing prepared their respective entry's for the most important race of their weekend. Zach broke out by .0007 as Ron cruised into his first BIG CASH Final.

You could have heard a pin drop as both Tim and Ron staged their cars. When the Air Hog Dragster turned the win light on the shop crowd cheered for first time winner Big Ron Sills. Tim had went .0002 under his dial. Both racers shook hands and the marathon weekend event was over. Photos were taken, Plaques and prizes were awarded , and the doors were closed on the best weekend of slot car drag racing seen in Texas so far this year. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the 2009 IRONMAN SHOOTOUT a huge success. If anyone is interested in contacting the Promoter of the Yellow Jacket. Feel free to Daytime ph# 903 569-3000 ext. 238

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