Gasser Class Drag Racing Rules:

Note: Track power is supplied at 24 volts dc.

Gasser Drag Class Body Rules

  1. Body must attach to the chassis via the two screws in the stock location.
  2. Grinding/lightening the body is legal - no minumum body weight.

Gasser Drag Class Chassis Rules

  1. Johnny Lightning Thunderjet 500 chassis or stock Aurora Thunderjet copper plated chassis.
  2. Chassis boiling or dyeing is allowed.
  3. Commercially available two-lam motor with copper comm plate no lower than 5.8 ohms (ie - Aurora Mean Green motor) is legal. No custom wound motors. Motor can be balanced/air-gapped/comm plate may be surfaced on lathe. No de-winding or timing changes allowed.
  4. Any readily-available aftermarket silicone/foam tires may be used – any size (black colored only). Hubs must be painted silver/aluminum or inserts added for realistic appearance.
  5. Pickup shoe braids allowed but length of braid must not exceed the overall length of pickup shoe.
  6. Shunts from pickup shoe to chassis plates allowed.
  7. Stock gears for the chassis utilized must be used (no aftermarket lightened or hollowback gears allowed), gears may be lapped in.
  8. Any commercially available motor brushes allowed.
  9. Stock location of factory motor brushes must be maintained. No brush cups allowed.
  10. Johnny Lightning stock motor magnets (blue/white) or Auto World motor magnets (dark blue/white) or any combination thereof is allowed.
  11. Wheelie bar(s) allowed - must not conduct between the power rails.
  12. Traction magnet(s) allowed. They must be attached to the bottom of the chassis.
  13. Front axle/wheels of any design may be used but all 4 wheels must touch track.
  14. One stock or aftermarket guide pin can be used & must be mounted in stock location. No blade-type guide pins allowed. Guide pin may be glued/bonded to the chassis.

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