OUTLAW Class Drag Racing Rules:

Note: Track power is supplied at 24 volts dc.

OUTLAW Drag Class Body Rules

  1. Two screws must be used to attach the body to the chassis.

OUTLAW Drag Class Chassis Rules

  1. Any type of Aurora Thunderjet 500 (t-jet) or similar type chassis may be used.
  2. Chassis boiling or dyeing is allowed.
  3. Motor must be of the traditional pancake design.
  4. Any amount of lams on the motor is allowed. Motor balancing, dewinding, air-gapping, timing changes, comm plate work, any & all tweaking is allowed.
  5. Any type of commercially available motor magnets allowed.
  6. Any type motor brush or spring is allowed.
  7. Pickup shoe braids allowed (& suggested!) Shunts allowed.
  8. Any type tire(s) allowed.
  9. Wheelie bar(s) allowed (& recommended!) - bar cannot conduct across the track power rails.
  10. Traction magnet(s) allowed. They must be attached to the bottom of the chassis.
  11. One stock or aftermarket guide pin can be used & must be mounted in stock location. No blade-type guide pins allowed. Guide pin may be glued/bonded to the chassis.

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