Super Stock Class Drag Rules:

Note: Track power is supplied at 13.8 volts dc.

Super Stock Drag Class Body Rules

  1. Stock Aurora, Johnny Lightning, Furuli, Mead Brothers, or Auto World body, any year(s) up through 1975.
  2. No cutting of the fender wells, bumpers or thinning of the body material. The body posts may be trimmed but once mounted on the chassis the body posts must be in contact with the chassis once both screws are in place (no gap between the post and chassis once mounted). Basically - no body mods at all (except for rule # 2 for window(s) and/or bumper(s) when painting the body & body post length trimming). Material can be added to lengthen the body post(s) if need be to gain tire clearance.
  3. No lightning/grinding of the body allowed. Only exception is that the inside of the wheel well(s) may be ground on to facilitate tire clearance but not for the purpose of lightening the body. Wheel well opening edges must not be touched.
  4. Hood scoops will resemble period correct scoops (aftermarket style scoops are allowed but must be in scale and representative of the correct era for the car being modeled. No modern Pro Stock style or Pro Mod style scoops allowed).
  5. Weight may be added to the body or chassis but it must be glued/mounted in and cannot rattle around or come loose.
  6. Painting & decaling of the bodies is allowed. Window(s) and/or bumper(s) may be removed to facilitate painting however the plastic stub that the window(s )and/or bumper(s) orients onto must still be attached to the body. The portion that needs to be ground off to remove the window(s)/bumper(s) may be ground off permanently. Super glue or a soldering iron may be used to re-attach the window(s)and/or bumper(s) to the body.

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Super Stock Drag Class Chassis Rules

  1. Stock Aurora Thunderjet copper chassis only. Aurora Tuff-One chassis (silver plated) are not permitted.
  2. Chassis boiling or dyeing is allowed.
  3. Stock Aurora copper wire motor (gold, red, green wire or "Christmas tree" wire wrapped two-lam gray colored arms) measuring no less than 16.0 ohms at each pole at 70 degrees room temp. If need be motor will be ohmed when it has not been run for at least 30 minutes and has cooled down to 70 degrees room temp.
  4. Motor may be air-gapped / balanced / comm plate may be surfaced on lathe, no de-winding or timing changes to the motor.
  5. Removal of top plate rails forward of armature pinion hole is allowed.
  6. Any commercially available motor brushes may be used, notching on the bottom of motor brush is allowed but no other re-shaping of the motor brush is allowed.
  7. Stock location of factory motor brushes must be maintained. No brush cups allowed.
  8. Commercially available aftermarket gears (all top plate & crown) may be used, top plate gears may not be lightened or thinned. No hollowback gears allowed. The Armature Pinion gear must be a metal 14 tooth gear / Idler Gear must be a metal 24 tooth gear / Driven gear must be a metal 24 tooth gear / Drive Pinion gear must be a metal 9 tooth gear. All top plate gears must be made of brass. The Crown gear must be a 15 tooth gear. The Crown gear may be made of plastic/delrin as long as it is commercially available. Any of the gears and/or axles may be shimmed.
  9. Stock Aurora motor magnets only (orange/green, black/black with white stripe or green/white or any combination thereof). Motor magnets can be shimmed but with non-metallic material only.
  10. Pickup shoes may be stock or stock replacement (copper only). This includes aftermarket stepped pickup shoes (ie - BSRT / American Line / Slottech / Wizzard). No BSRT ultra-long step pickup shoes allowed. No braids/shunts on pickup shoes or chassis.
  11. Aftermarket double flanged plastic stock type hubs are allowed. (ie - RTHO, JW's, etc.)
  12. Stock hubs, if used, may be trued.
  13. No silicone over foam tires allowed.
  14. Rear tire width can be no wider than .120" when mounted on the rear hub.
  15. Rear tire outer diameter will not exceed .480" diameter when mounted on rear hub.
  16. Any and/or all tires(s) may be glued onto the hub(s).
  17. Front & rear tire color must be black.
  18. Any front or rear hub/axle combination may be used.
  19. When looking at the car from above none of the tires/hubs can be viewed sticking outside the body fender wells, nor will the axle be in view outside the fender wells when viewed from above.
  20. Body must attach to the chassis via two screws and at the stock chassis screw locations. Any type of screw may be used to attach the body to the chassis so long as the screw does not interfere with or contact the track surface.
  21. Stock long or short front wheel base axle locations must be used.
  22. One stock or aftermarket guide pin of any length can be used & must be mounted in stock location. Beveling of screw hole in guide pin allowed. No blade-type guide pins will be allowed. Guide pin may be glued/bonded to the chassis.
  23. No wheelie bar(s) or traction control devices(s) of any kind will be allowed.
  24. All four wheels of the car must be in contact with the track when car is placed on the starting line.

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