Fly Car Model

FlycarModel was founded by former Spanish racing driver Rafael Barrios.
The production of slot cars started in 1996. The 3,000 square metre factory is based in Ibi, Alicante and employs about 100 people.


Level of Detail and Production

It's all in the detail...

Fly is generally considered as being responsible for raising the level slot car detail in the late 1990s. Fly offers a highly interesting line of cars that raced in the seventies and eighties. Also modern cars, such as the Marcos LM600, the Lister Storm and BMW M3 are offered by Fly. Until now Fly produced more than 550 different models and sells more than 300.000 cars every year.


Made in Spain

Day by day, FlycarModel Slot Cars are becoming more expensive. Unlike other companies, the production of Fly slot cars did not move to China.

Besides the standard versions, Fly offers many expensive special editions of models. Fifty percent of the models of Fly are bought by customers for their collection. In other words, halve of the sales go directly to the shelves, these cars do not run a single lap.

Note: the official website is currently being adapted for english from its native spanish.

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