Gar-Vic (Garvic) Slot Cars

Gar-Vic was a brand of slot cars and components available in the 1960s.
Gar-Vic offered 1:32 RTR cars, 1:24 and 1:32 parts and accessories.


Gar-Vic "Thingies"

Gar-Vic coined the term "thingies" to describe many of their wild, far-out body styles.
The term became so popular that almost all futuristic Lexan bodied cars, no matter the manufacturer, were soon referred to as "thingies" by the slot car racing community.

Kleenex anyone?

Gar-Vic's most popular "Thingie" model may have been the "Firebird", a double cockpit open wheeled wedge.

Another popular "Thingie" model was the Gar-Vic Lunar 2000 1:24th scale slot car. The Gar-Vic Lunar 2000 was available with a Pink Panther series motor.

Other 1:24 Gar-Vic Thingies included:
  • Gar-Vic Coronado
  • Gar-Vic Ocelot
  • Gar-Vic Sonic Needle
  • Gar-Vic X-Stream



In 1967, Gar-Vic was one of many slot car manufacturers offering a Batmobile slot car. The Gar-Vic 1:24 scale Batmobile was based on the Gar-Vic Firebird "Thingie" racer.



Gar-Vic Gemini, Pro Model, Handles motors from 3volt to 18volts


The Winners Choice!

  • Gar-Vic axles #103 2 ΒΌ 1/8 5/40 thread
  • two prong vintage knock off nuts #501 5/40 threads for 1/8 axles
  • #701 crown and pinion gears 3:1 each pack has one crown and one pinion
  • #1303 measuring scales
  • #1401 complete trailing guide shoe

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