Ninco Slot Cars


Ninco released its first slot car in December 1993...

The Renault Clio got a warm welcome from the slot car enthusiasts. After the release of two other types, the DTM (German Touring Car Championship) Alfa Romeo 155 and AMG Mercedes 180-C, nine slot cars were available. In 1996 the first release of the Ninco classic-series is the Ferrari 166-MM.

NINCO is the ultimate, highest quality, state-of-the-art, slot racing system that delivers all the excitement of real motor sports… indoors.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, NINCO is the only major slot car manufacturer that doesn’t manufacture in the Far East. Pure European quality. They started in 1993 with just one car and released their first track system in 1998. Today, NINCO is lauded in Slot Car racing circles throughout the world. The 1/32 scale cars have unmatched detail, scale and accuracy with performance to match. Every NINCO car is an exact copy, modeled exclusively from an authentic, original full size vehicle, down to the smallest graphic detail. The cars are also used as display models by collectors due to the perfection of the paint, graphics and scale. Whatever a persons taste in performance cars, NINCO accommodates- rally, off-road, classic, Tuners, DTM (touring car), Champ and more. There’s an extensive range of track sets, from small ovals to big 42’ layouts, available cars, tune-up motors, performance parts, a multitude of track accessories, Off-Road track components and even 4WD vehicles, lights, lap counters, and of course the industry’s strongest, lock together track.

In 1996, NINCO meticulously studied and then designed one of the best overall track systems in the history of Slot cars. They didn’t set out to make commercial track that will be “nailed” down and professionally maintained. Instead, the intent was to design the strongest, most reliable electrical, and mechanical track with the greatest surface adhesion in the industry.

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