What is Slot Car Proxy Racing?

Proxy racing typically involves building a car, then mailing it to another location where it will be matched against other similar cars in a race.

How Proxy Racing Works
Cars are usually built to a specific set of rules, then mailed to a central location for Tech Inspection. The cars are then run in a series of races by guest drivers, with points allocated according to finishing position. All points gathered go toward a grand total for the race series.

Slot car proxy races are often accompanied by a Concours d'Elegance, a contest where entrants compete for the best looking car.

Slot car proxy racing enables car builders from different parts of a country, or even the world, to compete on an equal basis without the expense of actually being there.

This form of racing is becoming ever more popular with race series being held in America, UK and Australia.


Slot Car Racing: Global Proxy Race Video

Known as the Global Proxy Race, an ambitious new 1:32 series was held in 2007 that included races in the US, UK, Bahrain, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Slovakia and South Africa...

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